Friday, May 4, 2012

Braille Learning Made Easy!

IRIE-AT enjoyed our first official staff trip to the annual CSUN conference in San Diego this past February. By attending the conference, rather than exhibiting, we received a fresh perspective that allowed us to appreciate the abundance of technology available in the AT industry.

Among the CCTV’s, mobility devices, software and learning aids, we came across a Connecticut-based company called Proxtalker. Our staff was greeted by two friendly gentlemen, Chris McCann, US Sales Account Manager and Glen Dobbs, President of Proxtalker.

They were showcasing the Logan Braille Coach. This device was originally designed to be a communication tool for those unable to verbally communicate, such as Glen’s son Logan -- who was diagnosed with Autism at the age of two. Glen, an engineer, features this story on their website It’s an inspiring account of the realization that his son was experiencing communication challenges and how Glen made it his mission to give him a voice by creating the Logan Proxtalker device.

The Logan Proxtalker includes ready to use tags that when pressed against a button on the device, trigger an audio description. This allows his son and others with similar communication challenges to verbalize their needs and wants in a simple manner, empowering them and bridging the communication gap.

During the journey of product promotion, Glen discovered that by applying braille to the tags, blind and low vision students could use this as a braille learning aid. This is now known as the Logan Braille Coach and is becoming one of the most desired tools for VI teachers. Many find that they can leave the fun and interactive device with their student for studying purposes, allowing them to work and excel at their own pace.

Another added bonus of the Braille Coach is the ability to customize tags by recording your own information and adding braille to the same tags by using a braille labeler. This allows the teacher to set a curriculum for their student for advancement.

With an assortment of innovative products in the AT Industry, it is always exciting to find one that offers such an intuitive approach to learning Braille -- like the Logan Braille Coach. IRIE-AT is excited to feature this product on our website and will be hosting a Logan Braille Coach product webinar in the near future.  Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more information!

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